How Essential can Security be for Businesses?

How Essential can Security be for Businesses?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 31, 2020

Due to the growing cybersecurity threats, gap organizations are focusing on securing an ever-expanding network footprint. In the absence of a comprehensive, security-driven network strategy in place, this issue will get worse.

FREMONT, CA: Digital innovation is altering every aspect of how organizations conduct business, especially the security front. A security-driven networking approach addresses the challenges of the widening attack surface in a better way, from mobility to multi-cloud adoption. One of the biggest hurdles primarily encountered by the security managers has been to secure a new network environment post to its creation. The addition of security in an existing infrastructure comes with a variety of challenges, inclusive of mapping security functionality to network requirements, creating c cohesive management strategy, and maintaining network performance, which does not carry an unnecessary overhead to an overburdened security team.

Modern Approach

New business strategies have to start with a security foundation constructed around a fabric-based framework that incorporates all the security elements into a single, integrated whole, which can be extended out to every possible network permutation, the branch offices, remote retail locations, and multi-cloud networks. This path offers automatic adaptability and scalability, seamless communication, consistent enforcement throughout all the areas and form factors, and a single pane of glass management.

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Rapid Network Transformation

This approach will simplify the creation and deployment of security in a variety of situations to reduce the cost and complexities, manage risks in a better way, and protect critical business applications. Instead of replacing numerous point products for every new networking project that does not share threat intelligence, the security teams will be able to leverage the security fabric to consolidate security functions and distribute operations automatically. Similarly, a security-driven networking approach addresses the challenges efficiently, things like SD-WAN connections, cloud on-ramp activities, and next-gen branch offices are areas that can be enhanced and optimized using a security-driven networking strategy.

Security-Centric Network 

With the help of this approach, the networks can be changed, extended, and transformed into any environment. The applications and workflows can become automatically secured despite their data paths, the access can be managed and monitored even in the most dynamic virtual environments, and encrypted traffic can also be analyzed at network speed.

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