How Enterprises must evaluate the Next-Generation Firewall

How Enterprises must evaluate the Next-Generation Firewall

Lester D'Souza, Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 06, 2021

While choosing the next-generation firewall, vendors must take into consideration its performance, form factors, and even automation capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: It has been a while since people are using Firewalls, but the technology keeps developing themselves because the proportion of cybersecurity threats keeps changing. However, here is some information about what the consumers can expect from the next-generation firewall (NGFW) because it can meet the necessities of the businesses of today and for the future.

It is better not to depend entirely on the stats of firewall

It is a known fact that the performance of NGFW performance needs more than just observing at the vendor’s specification or running traffic through it. Most of the firewalls will execute appropriately when the load of the traffic is light. However, it is significant to see the response from firewalls at a scale when the encryption is turned on.

The users also have to turn on the vital functions, including application and user identification, IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering, and logging, while they are testing to check how a firewall can hold up in the production setting. It is better to run tests with several types of traffic and with numerous applications before coming to a vendor.

Different form factors and Consistent Security Features 

Earlier firewalls were used only in the corporate data centers. But in recent times, they have become versatile, and the consumers also need a constant feature set at all the point of their network. The vendors of NGFW must pursue the factors available so that they can optimize their cost and performance.

• Internet edge

• Small branch office

• Cloud delivered

Data center

• Midsize branch office

• Virtual machines that can run both private and public clouds

• Ruggedized for IoT environments

Furthermore, the vendors of NGFW also have a roadmap that will show the containerized form factor. Every vendor cannot keep a container-ready product, but they must decide the methods in which they want to address the issue.

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