How Does CCaaS Make a Difference in the Organization's Working?

How Does CCaaS Make a Difference in the Organization's Working?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Today, the organizations that are anticipating to differentiate from each other based on customer experience require an intelligent cloud contact center provider that will put a premium on the services wrap-around.

FREMONT, CA: The proper optimization of the customer experience that a company delivers is on the top of the priority list of CIOs today.

It is evident that customers expect a lot from the companies with which they do business. On not receiving what they had anticipated from the company, they most likely move to its competitor.

There are high chances for the enterprises delivering flawless client experiences continually across all the touchpoints such as chat, voice, SMS, email, and so forth to thrive.

However, since no organization can escape from the switching economy, it is noticeable that the shifting from rigid on-prem customer-facing systems to highly agile cloud contact center services will continue to move upmarket. With the contact center becoming large, the decisions are mostly focused on services and support rather contact center platform itself.

Understanding how to integrate AI into the contact center for improvising customer experience initiates the comprehensive knowledge of data in hand. Besides, it needs careful thought on how added intelligence and automation will transform internal processes for agents and the communication between clients and agents. Majorly, external expertise is desirable; it is vital for a CCaaS provider to give proper guidance. For example, Five9 has strengthened its services organizations with the help of the vital expertise necessary for its enterprise to function with their data and fine-tune their ML algorithms in order to benefit across the customer journey.

Similar to Five9, services organization should be capable of helping their clients in transforming the agent experience, the client experience, and business overall. For this, there is a requirement for a high-touch approach that initiates during the initial project stage and persists throughout the deployment duration. It needs a laser focus for delivering a complete end-to-end experience.    

Therefore, in this switching economy, it is very vital to take care of the customer experience.

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