How Cisco DNA Center is Benefitting Businesses

How Cisco DNA Center is Benefitting Businesses

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, October 19, 2020

The Cisco DNA Center At-a-Glance helps the companies take charge of the network and reduce IT expenditure.

FREMONT, CA: The requirement for intent-based networking increases because more segments of businesses rely upon dependable, secure digital networks. The companies can take charge of the system, optimize Cisco investment, and decrease their IT expense with the Cisco DNA center's help is a robust network controller and management dashboard. Moreover, the full automation abilities for provisioning and changing management can be improved with the assistance of intelligent analytics, which can pull telemetry data from every corner of the network. Top 10 VPN Services - 2020

Services, users, and applications can be prioritized according to the business's objective in security best-practices and policy parameters. Inadequacies in device performance, network, or application are identified, and immediate remediation saves the time necessary for IT troubleshooting. Such interconnection among the automation and assurance forms a continuous validation-and-verification loop, which helps check the alignment of network operations with business intent. Cisco is implementing open interfaces so that the third-party technologies can be the foremost runner of Cisco DNA center and gain benefit from the full network visibility. The new Cisco DNA center is an extended open platform that can be used to streamline and increase the efficiency of IT workflows and business innovation.

Here are some of the advantages of the Cisco DNA center:

Secure access- Interprets business intention into zero-trust policies and dynamic segmentation of endpoints, which is based on user behavior.

Simplify management- The policy-driven provisioning and guided remediation amplifies the network uptime and decrease the time required to manage network operations.

Ensure network integrity with analytics- Artificial intelligence and machine learning network insights can also increase network uptime and decrease the time necessary for managing network operations.

It can also expand the domains with the assistance of integrated services and applications, which can benefit from intelligent network optimization.

What Cisco DNA Center helps the companies to do


The Cisco DNA center helps save time by utilizing a single dashboard to manage and automate the networks. The companies can rapidly scale their business with the help of intuitive workflow and reusable templates.

Secure policy:

Apply group-based secure access and network segmentation that is based on business requirements. With the Cisco DNA center's help, the companies can implement policy to the utilizers and applications in place of the network devices. Automation can decrease manual operations and expenditures related to human errors, which improves security.

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