How Can Wireless Technology Shape Enterprises in the Future?

How Can Wireless Technology Shape Enterprises in the Future?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The future of wireless networks is faster, smarter, and more efficient.  Wireless technology is meant to ease the working functionality of each enterprise. Wireless technology will also bring speed to the many intelligent and connected devices boosting the ever-expanding IoT. Let's have a look at how wireless technology can benefit the industries.

FREMONT, CA: Wireless technology is more than an idea that was just put on the paper. At present, it has become one of the largest carriers of digital data all around the world. Wireless at present has helped all kinds of industries around the world function smoother and faster. In the coming years, wireless technology will include even more devices and features that would not have been possible a few years back.

5G and IoT

Top 10 Wireless Technology Companies - 2019As 4G is still new to many countries, the telecommunication industry has already worked on 5G that will be deployed soon. As 5G technology steps towards in full perfection, the aim is that all devices will be connected wirelessly using 5G networks, making them commercially available worldwide.

There is still more research and lots of development needed to decide the aspects of 5G networks, such as industry regulations and technical requirements. 5G wireless technology will speed up the data and bring low transmission latency, which will not only benefit but also boost the IoT. As more and more devices get connected like self-driving vehicles, smart homes, automated robots, household appliances, underwater apps, and industrial computerized machines, demand and requirement for new network technologies will increase.

Communication and Li-Fi

Advancement in wireless networks is Li-Fi, or the light fidelity, that uses light signals to transmit the information between various kinds of devices. Li-Fi, however, provides higher speed than Wi-Fi, and in the coming future, smart homes will be dependent on the Li-Fi technology as it is much faster and secured because light cannot sweep through walls, the signal cannot be hacked from a remote location.

Since Li-Fi is befitted for reaching highly sensitive areas such as the mines that can reduce disrupting sensitive tools like the technologies found in hospitals, Li-Fi can act as a new alternative to Wi-Fi, offering an extra option for connectivity. It can also help in relieving heavy traffic from the cellular as well as Wi-Fi networks and service-enriched areas like concerts, shopping malls, stadiums, and sports events. 

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