How Can Next-Gen IT Transform Enterprises?

How Can Next-Gen IT Transform Enterprises?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, October 04, 2019

Enterprises leverage cloud and multicloud to create hybrid solutions to control and monitor data.

FREMONT, CA: Almost everything in the digital world is connected to the cloud. As the tech giants find new ways to organize, process, and present data, cloud computing solutions will grow to become an integral part of people's life. Enterprise IT has evolved to become a collection of individual silos, each manufactured to solve a part of the massive IT problem. Though working as a whole, the enterprise IT closely resembles a mosaic of technologies, tools, processes, and the people expected to manage the pieces. What happens when the evolution of IT requires that these pieces come together? Where will the convergence happen? And what must the IT leaders look for in preparation for this?

Multi-cloud as Operational Driver

Multicloud is one of the tectonic shift. The idea of shifting the workload to the cloud is disruptive enough, but the multicloud adds an operational element as the network looks to exploit the infrastructure. Integrating the functions help drive more agile operations and contain costs, which emerge with the infrastructure. In the multi-cloud, the central aim is not about the workloads that move dynamically across the different clouds but is related to the applications are not that portable. The complexity of making the application would exceed the cost benefits. An operational transformation takes place amidst the larger move to the cloud, and that transformation will eventually have implications on how the traditional silos are treated.


A stop to any group that has support responsibility for the enterprise infrastructure is always the Wi-Fi. Every user that experiences any problem has limited their visibility beyond how applications and services are available. Whatever the problem is, the first equipment to get blamed will be the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi should be blameless, even before the rest of the users require to diagnose the problem that can be activated.

Converged Operations

Much of the automation discussions begin in the data center, it might be easy if the enterprise can look at the campus and branch, integrate the wired and wireless LAN first,  which is followed by the WAN. The shift to the SD-WAN enables another opportunity to bring the software-defined WAN together with the software-defined campus and branch. 2020 will witness an industry-wide expansion of SD-WAN to SD-enterprises.

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