How Can Enterprises Secure Data from Malware?

How Can Enterprises Secure Data from Malware?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, December 09, 2019

The current level of good security practices must continue, and more enterprises should make the security healthy and should take a practical strategic step that is needed to determine where the hackers can target the future threats in the organization.

FREMONT, CA:  As technology advances, the need to protect the network increases. More and more hackers and cyber threats are emerging day by day with more advanced tools. Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled analysis and strategies helps the enterprise to protect the network. It is essential to take a risk and business-centric approach to gather and examine threat intelligence. Below are some of the critical points to be noted in the cybersecurity platform for enterprises in the coming years.

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To build a valid defense, the enterprises should know what the risk is to the organization. The data can be gained from a range of sources, comprising stakeholders in the business, industry, or by other interested bodies, like the National Cyber Security Centre, who enable sector-specific threat information. Effective presentation and interpretation of the data provide the intelligence for companies to make a planned decision, which then informs what kind of defense the organization needs and where the investment in endpoint security technology should be applied.


Whether it is for personal or for commercial interest, wanting to hack another's account is being boosted by social media. Previously the user could visit a hacking site to purchase a hacking tool. Now, the users can purchase the Hacking as a Service from malware engineers and people that specialize in breaking into other profiles or hacking. Hacking services are gaining importance and much more professional with money-back guarantees. While, of course, hacking remains illegal, these services continue to be a direction of travel for people with that motivation.

AI and defense

AI is going to augment the likelihood of a successful attack, so the enterprises need to arrange themselves for this. The signature-based malware defense products are going to struggle against this upcoming situation. If AI-enabled malware breaches corporate defense, sits on the network, watching and learning every bit of data that is going in and out of the inbox, not only would relevant corporate financial data be at risk, but also the social and personal information.

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