How Automation can Provide Network Efficiency

How Automation can Provide Network Efficiency

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 04, 2019

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Traditional protocols are a major hindrance for automation of applications and processes. Organizations need to shift to new technologies that are more adaptable to change, which will help management to shift to a more agile and responsive system. Modernization is the key to success for enterprises.

A vast skill gap is a significant challenge for modernization. Automation can address the challenge to fill the skill gap which requires individuals with in-depth knowledge of new technologies.

Security: Security is a major issue for businesses. Automation can help to control the output of a company’s security tools using available data by building instant responses. Many security tools in an organization are underutilized, which can be leveraged by automation tools to improve the overall security. The proliferation in the number of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has significantly added to the security woes of businesses. The companies need to quickly identify the viability of any device that is trying to connect to the network. Automation tools can provide a solution by integrating inputs from multiple tools to assess vulnerabilities. These tools can also reduce an incident’s response time by integrating the outputs from various tools.

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Wide Area Network (WAN): Traditional WAN models are monolithic, which requires change through automation. Automation tools offer agility which enables a company to quickly build and tear down a location with efficient communication services. Automation tools can eliminate the need for experts at the point of contact. This will allow enterprises to use their workforce in different areas for effective business growth.

Data Center: The next generation of technologies will require companies to integrate private cloud concepts into their data centers. Building a private cloud infrastructure can be an arduous task.  Automation tools can integrate specific protocol which will allow agencies to use their internal network as an extension of the cloud.

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