How Are Unified Communications Beneficial for Contact Centers?

How Are Unified Communications Beneficial for Contact Centers?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, April 01, 2019

Unified CommunicationsContact centers are similar to system silos citing lack of integrated systems as an obstacle to digital transformation and customer experiences. The emerging technologies are remedy for this problem, and unified communications may be the answer these contact centers are looking for.

What is unified communication? This communication refers to the successful convergence of all communication media into one major entity. It is known for breaking down all the walls to communication within an organizational infrastructure and therefore when utilized in a contact center it offers faster, convenient, improved, and seamless customer experience.

Benefits of Unified Communication

Streamlining processes can be advantageous and integrating systems can assist contact centers in a multitude of ways.

1. Seamless customer experience: Customers prefer doing business with brands based on their customer experience over price. CX is a key differentiator, and companies believe that unified communications will help them to stand out from the crowd.

2. Agent Efficiency: Agents prefer to work on application rather than juggling amid various applications; especially when they have to surf information that is scattered across different systems.

3. Data Breaches: Eliminating the “switching between systems” can help agents not to distract and to bring the risk of letting out sensitive information that belongs to different customers; unified communication platforms eliminates the risk factors.

4. IT Maintenance: Bringing all the systems under one roof helps to cut the IT resources that are needed to maintain and manage the contact center technology. Adopting one system with usability policies as well as security and compliance regulations can also become more comfortable.

5. Employee Onboarding: Unified communication contributes to scaling the team, process, and internal training. With just one source, freshers or the seasonal workers can find everything they need and can learn. Onboarding process would now be convenient, as one would only need to add users and set permissions for just one platform.

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