How an SDN Integration can Eliminate Hyper-Converged Network Issues

How an SDN Integration can Eliminate Hyper-Converged Network Issues

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) can be a critical asset for enterprises in simplifying IT operations. It eliminates the need to manage storage separately, making the hyper-converged network platform crucial for the success of the overall infrastructure.

Software-defined networks (SDN) helps to make a network agile and flexible. It enables enterprises to respond to changing business requirements, which allows businesses to have greater control over their network. The integration of HCl with SDN can simplify many network management issues. Written below is the detailed analysis of how the integration of HCI with SDN can help to solve HCI problem areas:

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HCI deployment: Enterprises face many issues during the deployment of HCI as each HCL node needs to connect to multiple networks like hypervisor management, VMotion migration, HCI storage cluster, out of band hardware management, and every VM networks. These networks are a combination of trunks and isolated network interface cards (NICs) where a single misconfiguration between the physical network and the HCI platform can cause installation failure. SDN offers two-way data sharing, which can eliminate the misconfiguration in the initial HCI setup. The deployer in HCI platform that processes the initial cluster set up can communicate with SDN to coordinate the cluster and hyper-converged network configuration. An SDN integration can also remove many other hurdles in the path of an efficient HCI deployment.

Simplification of HCI changes: HCI platforms require access to new networks in order to accommodate new applications inside new virtual machines. It can also result in more help desk tickets and troubleshooting as the network and virtualization teams identify the errors. An integration of SDN with HCI platforms makes the process a simple software policy change, enabling network availability to the HCI hosts. SDN mitigates the chances of misconfiguration as only a single software coordinates the physical and virtual networks. Furthermore, SDN integration can simplify the scale-out expansion by coordinating the non-trivial hyper-converged network changes.   

Although SDN-integrated hyper-converged networks are in its budding stage, these networks can simplify major pain points for hyper-converged infrastructure.

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