How 5G will Provide Major Boost for AI Innovation

How 5G will Provide Major Boost for AI Innovation

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to gain a significant boost with the emergence of 5G technology, as it will enable companies to deliver many futuristic technology solutions.

The combination of 5G and AI will disrupt many traditional processes and help to speed up the technology industry. 5G technology will provide adequate infrastructure and significant amounts of data that will enable AI tools to solve many complex processes through innovative solutions. Few benefits of 5G technology that will allow AI tools to prosper:

Network Latency: The defining characteristics of 5G technology is the reduction of network latency as the target for latency is fixed to one ms. The technology will offer M2M connectivity to provide a major boost for advancements in augmented reality, autonomous driving, disaster alert, tactile internet, and virtual reality. Low latency will also help to enhance features like video streaming, sensor network monitoring, wireless cloud-based office, and many others.

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Network Slicing: Network slicing can be an effective solution, as it will enable using a single shared physical network with multiple fully virtualized networks running on top of it. It will allow companies to connect smart machines and factory equipment by availing a slice with low latency and exceptional reliability. For instance, autonomous connected cars can have a network slice for autonomous driving and other mission-critical functions, and another slice for infotainment. However, these innovations have some limitations, as network slices still need to be configured manually. The addition of 5G technology can make the processes complex, increasing the amount of configuration required for network slicing.

IoT Acceleration: The market for voice-activated assistants is steadily gaining steam. These assistants use AI to process any request and present their best guess as an answer based on data. The 5G technology will improve the data collection and processing methods of IoT devices, enabling AI tools to offer more refined results.

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