How 5G Security Issues are Resolved Keeping Expense in Check

How 5G Security Issues are Resolved Keeping Expense in Check

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, May 20, 2019

Network SecurityFREMONT, CA: Today’s infrastructure intimidations will have significant repercussions on tomorrow’s 5G commercial networks, which requires a high level of automation in security on-boarding, scale-out, and attack mitigation. 5G network virtualization and disaggregation introduce new levels of complexity to network security. The tremendous job of re-architecting the network afterward will be a cost-prohibitive exercise. Service providers are faced, with an essential responsibility of managing security menaces in the 5G network.

A typical network security solution will include several security elements, such as firewalls, DDoS protection devices, IPS/IDS, etc. Domain expertise is required for each system when it comes to proper tuning and configuration. When a carrier-grade network slice is under attack, dedicated expertise is required for handling changes and setting the appropriate alleviation actions. With the new paradigm of 5G network slicing arriving onto the scene in a highly distributed network, carrier security teams will be challenged.

What makes more sense is the adoption of a comprehensive security solution used beyond all network slices to profit from ease of management and SOC skill sets. Vendor technology designed around the theory of self-learning concerning menace detection not heavily dependent on pre-configured rules is the ideal toolkit for service providers. The overall carrier security team effort around system operation is lowed with minimal setup and configuration. SOC specialist can now look at a dashboard to see what was detected by the system and what mitigation actions took place to defend against malicious threats to the system. In the new 5G security play, the various security functions are on-boarded per slice in alignment to the required network inclinations and desired distribution.

Automated attack moderation capabilities provide the security team with ‘peace of mind’ that all ‘wartime’ actions are taken care of in an automated method. So although 5G carries with it very challenging security issues, service providers can be proactive in forming a security posture that provides them the best opportunity to keep expenses in check while keeping the network safe.          

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