How 5G Influences IoT

How 5G Influences IoT

Enterprise Networking Mag | Saturday, May 28, 2022

Many brands set the trend to execute hundreds of QA campaigns, including those for various IoT devices.

FREMONT, CA: The number of devices connected will rise from 700 million to 3.2 billion by 2023 due to the Internet of Things (IoT). While several factors contribute to this rise, one of the most important will be the development of 5G networks.

The upcoming launch of the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications or 5G is great news for the IoT market. This is primarily because 5G networks will go a long way toward improving the performance and reliability of these connected devices.

IoT Testing Advice

To prepare for better current and future IoT testing campaigns, discover testing advice that can help you execute a better test for your IoT projects.

Expand Test Coverage

The success of an IoT is linked to its versatility to be compatible with many new smartphones and tablets. However, because of fragmentation, it is not easy to build an IoT that can work well across different mobile operating systems and smartphones with varying hard components. Therefore, it is important to test many devices or configurations to find bugs resulting from fragmentation.

Testing from Every Angle

IoT tests must be conducted from various angles to uncover bugs that affect IoT and its corresponding software, most likely a mobile application. Third, it is also essential to test functionalities and the usability of the IoT and software to obtain an accurate report of the quality of the connectivity (object to software, software to object, and behavior in case of interactions.

This will allow QA teams to uncover bugs that make block key functionalities and diminish the user experience.

Test Bluetooth and Wifi Connections 

Third, test the IoT's ability to connect with smartphones and other smart devices. In particular, verify that the IoT can connect to other devices via Bluetooth and wifi networks. Bugs that affect an IoT's connections can hinder its ability to communicate and share data. Therefore, it is essential to test an IoT's ability to connect to other devices.



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