Getting Ready for 5G Transformation

Getting Ready for 5G Transformation

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, March 08, 2019

5G Technology

An alliance of organizations, industry associations, and regulatory authorities across the globe have been working to develop and test 5G technologies over the last few years. For enterprises, 5G promises a faster, more data-driven digital workplace.  For these enterprises must keep their eyes and ears open to look for opportunities to be ready with the arrival of 5G.

Along with its exciting benefits, 5G will also open specific workplace concerns. Within years new devices, applications, and operating systems will appear at an ever-faster pace. Also, 5G will be more expensive, which may drive a re-evaluation of how the employer should cover the proposed expense. Adopters will face a potentially costly deployment challenge created by the technology's very high attenuation rate.  Along with this 5G adopters must consider the condition of their existing wired network infrastructure, because  5G's arrival also raises requirement of new technologies, deploying fiber solutions with power distribution as opposed to what has been done in Local Area Networks before. That is, future proofing of company networks will become necessary.

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In company with all these workspace challenges, 5G will also raise security issues. As 5G increases the attack surface, there will be plenty of ways for malicious attackers to enter networks and thereby work environment.  Preventing this will require even stronger security measures.

Instead of racing to become an early adopter of 5G enterprises should focus on using 5G to solve specific challenges. A careful evaluation is needed instead of worrying about the 5G hype.

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