Geoverse and WCI Technologies Jointly Offer a Unique Private...

Geoverse and WCI Technologies Jointly Offer a Unique Private Cellular Network

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, January 10, 2022

Effective system integration and the availability of both shared and licensed cellular spectrum are competitive differentiators in critical verticals such as energy and industrial.

FREMONT, CA: A private cellular network has the greatest capacity advantages because it is completely private. Administrators may easily make sure there is enough capacity for everyone by controlling who is (or isn't) connected to the network. Not only does this apply to customers, but any linked IoT devices will also be able to function as planned and without network delays. Geoverse, a provider of private cellular solutions for property owners and businesses, partners with WCI Technologies, a global leader in the design and delivery of technology and connectivity platforms, to offer a highly distinctive private cellular network as a major component of its telecommunications service portfolio.

"We’re very excited to partner with WCI, which has a great reputation and extensive reach in the enterprise space, including the energy, healthcare and education sectors," states Geoverse Chief Commercial Officer Bob Gault. "More and more organizations are moving toward a hybrid or private approach to telecommunications to enhance the user experience and take better advantage of what 5G can ultimately offer. By cooperating with WCI, we can offer some truly unique solution expertise to enable some of the more forward-thinking private cellular customers and their use cases."

WCI can now offer a highly distinctive private cellular network as a major component of its telecoms solution range as a Geoverse Partner. Businesses benefit from a scalable platform customized to meet their unique requirements, while staff and customers enjoy an uninterrupted wireless experience. Private cellular networks enable secure interior and outdoor coverage, as well as the flexibility to move off-site effortlessly—another Geoverse distinction. This is supplied in an easy-to-deploy paradigm with unmatched management that alleviates the enterprise's support burden.

Businesses are increasingly adopting technology to drive change, transform the customer experience, and gain a competitive edge. With WCI as a partner, Geoverse will reach out to other enterprises that can benefit from Geoverse's premier private cellular solution and related expertise to accelerate this shift and increase their bottom line.

"By partnering with Geoverse, we will have the ability to advance relationship and technical project management to our enterprise customers nationwide. Geoverse provides effective system integration and deployment of licensed spectrum that we need to ensure positive customer experiences for these key verticals," states Robert Grosz, EVP, and Chief Commercial Officer, WCI.

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