Galaxy 2021 Launched to Capture the Growing IoT Industry

Galaxy 2021 Launched to Capture the Growing IoT Industry

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, June 18, 2018

FREMONT, CA- Pacific Control Systems (PCS) will be now working together with Microsoft for an Enterprise City Management System hosted on Microsoft Azure. PCS provides comprehensive machine-to-machine (M2M) automation and control solutions to customers spread globally.

Termed as Galaxy 2021, the system enables access to an array of intelligent services for both public and private sectors. It includes provisions for firms catering to services, dynamic security, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and financial applications as well.

Galaxy 2021 integrates capabilities like data management with large number of machines and systems, utilizing the Azure platform. The ultimate focus here  being on collaborating IoT services at an enterprise level. It has been designed from ground up to administer big data analytics, Azure based services and solutions, scalable secure private connections, hybrid databases, storage, data residency and encryption features.

Azure’s analytics components such as stream analytics, events hub and machine learning services are also leveraged to further drive the business data intelligence components for a massive industry make over involving IoT applications.

“Pacific Controls’ powerful IoT Galaxy 2021 platform together with Microsoft Azure infrastructure offers an unmatchable value proposition, which leverages analytical capabilities of both Galaxy 2021 and Microsoft Data Platform. We are proud of our partnership with PCS and the value it brings to our joint customers,” said Mr. Samer Abu Ltaif, Regional General Manager of Microsoft Gulf.

The advantage of this integration is that it offers a complete package; inclusive of the IoT platforms based on cloud computing, large data analysis, monitoring capacity and effective business processes, thus encouraging telecommunication operators to grab the growing IoT opportunities.

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