Fulfilling Cloud goals for APAC business and SMEs

Fulfilling Cloud goals for APAC business and SMEs

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tackling both the security and configuration of assets is one of the biggest challenges for businesses when it comes to cloud migration since the struggle is basically with designing an architecture.

Fremont, CA: Although most businesses are sceptical of being able to control spiralling costs or fearing the costs as they enhance their cloud capabilities, they recognize the importance of embracing the cloud and are willing to go the extra mile to adopt it. Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at SAS Jay Upchurch stresses that data integration is one of the primitive areas in the cloud in present times. While some organisations may be apprehensive, tech vendors like SAS collaborate with them to ensure their performance is optimized. Upchurch comments that the world is still learning to be data-driven, they have not figured out how to take advantage and understand the full risks of technology. He explained that there are many bad examples of organizations worrying about how their data is used, but there are also many positives.

Cloud adoption’s growth in the Asia Pacific region has been promising in both enterprise and small businesses for SAS, especially in the emerging markets. Upchurch mentioned that SAS has to witness a mix of customers that are not only looking to migrate from on-premises to the cloud but also several new ones. Upchurch continues by stating that APAC companies are more focused on fraud, risk, and life sciences, and they do not want to spend time building and putting it all together. At SAS, they love analytics in the cloud, they also know that it is sometimes complex when one tries to stitch all the pieces together, added Upchurch.

Upchurch finally points out that SAS cloud gets all this together as deliverable so organizations can get faster to their business outcome, which is probably the original investment. He also believes that the APAC region is seeing a lot of excitement and adoption.

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