Fujitsu's all-new 1FINITY T600 blade, the optical transport...

Fujitsu's all-new 1FINITY T600 blade, the optical transport solution is out!

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fujitsu has launched 1FINITY T600 blade, which is expected to overtake the current network computations and technologies. Specially designed to fuel the high-speed requirements of the future generation, Fujitsu’s innovation provides high performance, software compliance, flexibility, and efficiency.

1FINITY T600 blade caters to the real-time industrial needs in terms of delivering cognitive programmability and high capacity storage specifications to satisfy the functional requirements of the connected network. Receiving, amplifying and transmitting radio signals the new device promises high data center interconnect (DCI) parameters and supports 5G transportation systems. T600 blade opens a potential platform to channelize developments in terms of flexible configurations, automation, privacy and security. Characterizing 600 Gbps single-wavelength communication, cost and energy efficiency, hyperscale optical transport solution meets user-level reliability and security standards. The state-of-art potentialities offered by the device are on the verge of transforming real-time traffic suits and transportation networks.        

Fujitsu is a leading company, which offers services in the fields such as eBusiness, application development, data and storage management, performance management, quality of service monitoring, wireless technology, ERP management, business to business transactions, point of sale, and software and hardware tools. Having spread its remarkable global impact, Fujitsu envisions reforming the future by embracing and employing technology. The powerful legacy laid by the company creates a strong hope for shaping the immediate future with technology. Creating and maintaining an exclusive set of policies and core values, the software solution leader aims at transforming the ‘tomorrow’ with advanced tech innovations.  

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