Four Trends to Look forward to in Optical Networking

Four Trends to Look forward to in Optical Networking

Lester D'Souza, Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Four Trends to Look forward to in Optical NetworkingOptical networking is crucial for reliable and efficient broadband service to enhance productivity and virtual engagement.

FREMONT, CA: The global pandemic has an impact on every industry and its operations. There are significant changes in the way people work, study, shop, and live. Virtual networks are now an essential aspect of people's lives. A virtual network allows people to shop, work, interact and connect with people without physical contact or presence. With optical networks, it is possible to connect to distant data centers and other sources of data. Optical networking transmits data over fiber cable quickly by using light within the cable.

Four things to look forward to in optical networking:

Reliable broadband services

Top 10 Optical Networking Companies - 2020Because of the pandemic, broadband connectivity has become crucial for day-to-day activities, and governments worldwide are taking steps to provide reliable broadband services to the people. Governments across the globe are investing and providing loans to network providers to help them provide better and high-speed broadband connectivity to both urban and rural areas.

Shift towards cloud-based services

The importance of cloud-based services is increasing as people are working remotely. The cloud plays a critical role in remote interactions, contact-less file sharing, and many such domains of remote engagement. Individuals and businesses can stay productive and connected with cloud services, enabling them to accomplish things effectively, even in a remote setting. The coming years will see many innovative cloud-based solutions for remote workers to enhance productivity and virtual engagement. These solutions are providing more flexibility to the employees and reducing operational expenses for businesses.

800G technology for bandwidth growth

Technological innovations demand bandwidth growth which puts pressure on connectivity networks. Therefore, the need for high-speed connectivity solutions like the fifth-gen coherent 800G optical solution arises. It allows network operators to expand their network capacities in a cost-efficient manner quickly. 800G optical solutions have a range of transmission options that enable optimal performance and bandwidth growth.

Open optical networking solutions

Network operators need to adapt to the latest technologies to meet the bandwidth demands and sustain market growth. The latest generations of high-speed optical transmission technology are more complex compared to the traditional ones. This is pushing network operators to open optical networking. With open optical networks, network operators can control their optical infrastructure and choose the best available transponder with the best optical engine to meet the specific requirements of their application.

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