Flexible Alerting Capabilities Adding Value to Comprehensive...

Flexible Alerting Capabilities Adding Value to Comprehensive Monitoring Services

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New alerting capabilities can significantly transform the process of monitoring the serverless service, the advanced evolutionary stage of cloud computing.

FREMONT, CA: Thundra, a software organization dedicated to helping serverless applications become a mainstream production reality, unveils its powerful and flexible alerting capabilities. The incorporation adds a new attribute to the list of Thundra's comprehensive monitoring services, such as distributed and local tracing capabilities, log search, performance analysis, and architectural view. The company is proliferating in parallel to an increasing trend towards serverless cloud computing ecosystem.

Thundra plans to strengthen its product's alerting capabilities so that customers will be able to set up alerts for the presence or absence of a log message. Future users will be informed when a serverless transaction made of multiple chain invocations exceeds particular thresholds.

Serverless cloud architecture has become the go-to technology for companies because they can hand off server management and quickly scale to millions of requests in seconds without blowing the budget. Enterprises worldwide adopting cloud computing for diverse needs. Given that, it is natural that they would gravitate towards serverless architecture to build greater efficiency and scalability in their asynchronous processes. Going serverless makes IT systems remarkably optimized, especially on distributed computing scenarios with highly variable workloads. Leading cloud providers offer cloud-native application development options using serverless architecture.

Monitoring serverless services is a demanding task because of the abstraction of low-level architecture. Thundra comes to rescue here, with its lightweight instrumentation libraries providing detailed observability for serverless to allow the industry to transit into the new generation seamlessly. The platform has a distinct ability to support both synchronous and asynchronous monitoring. The company's goal is to use serverless to further reduce costs by discovering bottlenecks. The latest alerting capability is a step towards this goal.

Thundra is a software provider passionate in helping companies confidently and securely adopt serverless for their mainstream production environment. It resolves complex issues in asynchronous distributed serverless environments. With flexible querying and alerting capabilities, along with rich visualizations of aggregated metrics, logs, and traces, software teams can quickly respond to incidents and solve performance problems in an enterprise-level environment.

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