FirstLight Announces a Veaam-powered DRaaS Solution to Existing...

FirstLight Announces a Veaam-powered DRaaS Solution to Existing Service Portfolio

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

FirstLight launches an enhanced service portfolio following the addition of a disaster recovery solution that is cloud-powered. The firm said its customers can now look forward to zero percent data loss and downtime and also optimized functionality across sectors.

Fremont, CA: FirstLight, an Albany, New York based firm offers carrier customers and enterprises a comprehensive suite of high-end services, such as focused internet access solutions, data centre cloud, and voice solutions.

On 24th June, the company announced the addition of a cloud-powered Disaster Recovery Solution to its robust suite of services. This new Veeam-Powered DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solution functions as a one-stop-shop to deal with both backup and disaster management.

The cloud portfolio that the vast clientele of FirstLight currently uses comprises of an existing disaster management solution besides cloud backup solutions, safer cloud computing and infrastructure. By combining a Veeam-powered DraaS with these, FirstLight aims to enable its customers to leverage a single-stop solution for complete protection from downtime, and data loss.

This launch enters the market at a critical time as the data loss is currently advancing as one of the most critical concern impacting organizations across varied segments.

Data loss is among the critical concerns of any information-based enterprise. A data loss can have several causes such as malware, negligence or corruption. At times, especially in cases of virus-impacted data loss, the concerned organisation wouldn’t even be able to trace the extent to which data is lost. As a result, there is a lot of time and money spent unnecessarily. In a rough estimate, around 94 percent of businesses that have experienced a brutal form of data loss have had a tough time in the immediate future which eventually led to their closing down.

Moreover, in case of a significant downtime, for instance, when networks slow down, many enterprises have to face costly consequences. Although technology downtime fails to be a new concern, over the years it has become more evident and critical.

Now, with the DraaS solution, FirstLight looks forward to provide its clients with enhanced chances to avail customized solutions that can address the current need of deploying requirement-specific high-end services and applications with a focus on critical concerns such as downtime and data loss. 

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