Factors to Take into Account When Dealing with Wireless Security...

Factors to Take into Account When Dealing with Wireless Security Threats

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, October 21, 2021

Information filtering software enables businesses to monitor and block internet content that could endanger their networks, maintaining wireless security.

FREMONT, CA: Wireless network protection can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One possibility is to evaluate the effectiveness of the company's internal regulations regarding email, web use, and passwords. Additionally, one may do a security audit of the network to see whether the firewalls, encryption methods, and anti-malware software are operating at peak efficiency.

Here are some issues for wireless network security; however, the majority of them apply to any network they operate.

Enhance the Firewalls

For all enterprise wireless networks, firewalls are a must-have security component. Companies can regulate what information flows back and forth within the network and how it is accessed with an efficient firewall. This wireless security helps prevent unwanted access while enabling secure connectivity for on-site and off-site employees, vendors, and customers.

Install Intrusion Detection Software

Intrusion detection and prevention software is one of those solutions that can benefit both wireless and wired network configurations. This software employs software intelligence to detect and stop various cyberattacks, such as breaches, viruses, malware, and unusual internal behavior.

Data Encryption

If the worst happens and a hacker gets any of the data, firms can ensure that they will not do anything with it by implementing encryption techniques. When the data travels from one location to another, data encryption software scrambles it and only allows it to unscramble with the necessary security keys. Furthermore, data encryption protects information kept on servers, both on-site and off-site, from being misused to have healthy wireless security.

Apply Content Filtering

Not all security threats originate from the outside of the network. For example, employees' irresponsible email or online browsing usage can occasionally exploit the wireless network. Information filtering software allows businesses to monitor and prevent internet content that could harm the company's networks to keep wireless security intact. Furthermore, most phishing emails are also scanned and blocked by it.

Streamline the Authentication Process

Employees and consumers should always use suitable login and authentication processes. Thus, strong passwords are required. Even so, two-factor authentication, which uses biometrics or physical components such as key fobs or card swipes, can offer further layers of wireless security.

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