Extreme Networks for Extreme Business Gains

Extreme Networks for Extreme Business Gains

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Extreme NetworkExtreme Networks provides an integrated suite of networking applications which can streamline the network operations and save significant business hours.

FREMONT, CA: In business, time is considered as an alternative currency. Organizations deploy various technologies to use their resources more productively. When a testing application is running slow and is affecting the business procedures, it can result in loss of time and resources which could have been utilized elsewhere. With Extreme Networks, an integrated suite of networking applications can solve the above-mentioned networking challenge and save several hours.

Here are some of the capabilities that are within reach of Extreme Networks:

Visibility and Insight

Visibility across the network infrastructure enables to prevent issues and solve problems faster. However, the heterogeneous mix of devices combined with several applications running on them makes it a challenge to monitor the entire network. However, with the help of the right tools, it is possible to achieve the actionable insight and consistent visibility across the network.

Leveraging Analytics for Business

Insights into network and application are not only a security and operational necessity but a direct contributor to revenue. It is crucial to understand what’s happening in the network. Moreover, an analytics tool that provides a comprehensive view can:

• Engage partners and customers at a personal level and foster positive outcomes

• Provide visibility into who is accessing the network which contributes to the effective management of risk

• Allows the IT team to respond with agility according to the real-time information.

Single Tool for Insights and Visibility across the Entire Network

A versatile analytics tool monitors application consistency, increases security, and troubleshoot IT issue. It refers to a tool that provides a broad set of capabilities in one kit. The tool needs to provide insights and visibility in the following use cases:

• Support for encrypted applications

• Application-level visibility from the edge to the multi-cloud and virtual data center environments.

• A detailed overview of the applications running on the network

• Several predefined application fingerprints that enable the creation of custom-fingerprints for special applications

Cost-Cutting via Analytics Running across the Distributed Organization

While dealing with distributed organizations, an enterprise or a retailer must be able to run analytics across the entire firm, without spending much on the process. For best results, the tool should be based on application telemetry that incorporates the same analytics sensor, which is installed in the central location for overall visibility.

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