Everything You Need for Monitoring Your Network

Everything You Need for Monitoring Your Network

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Network MonitoringMost of the organizations are facing inconsistent performance of networks as a primary issue at the time of hardware failures and power outages. The occurrence of these events frequently may drag overall network performance down at various instances. No one can predict when network performance will suddenly boost or hurt until and unless an organization implements a real-time network monitoring solution.

Let's start from basics: Real-Time Network Monitoring

Real-Time Network  Monitoring allows an enterprise to detect any glitches or problems that may arise in networking sites. It also provides updates and alerts to the organization's team whenever there is a requirement of network overhauls. Many network performance solutions are being implemented in various organizations to analyze their networks in real-time by providing valuable insights into network operations.

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Moving ahead, here are the primary reasons why a real-time network monitoring solution is so imperative to maintain robust network performance.

Well-organized network performance checks

Real-Time network monitoring tools can typically scan an organization's network to detect performance issues in a well-organized approach by setting up a time-based schedule. Compared to manual scanning on network performance, real-time network monitoring tools can provide better network performance by scheduling the checks for every minute to scan problems on the network.

Better mapping capabilities

Network maps are the most useful tools to visualize the entire network infrastructure in all instances. However, manual creation of network map will take a long time, especially with complex enterprise networks. An organization can get better abstract of its network and also it can detect the addition of new devices to the network map through real-time network monitoring tools.

Real-time network alerts

An organization team must be precise enough to detect network abnormalities before they evolve into a more significant problem. Real-time analysis on the network can determine the potential cause and fixes those of network issues by generating alerts and notifications to the networking team.

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