Everbridge Releases Crisis Management Solution to Handle Critical...

Everbridge Releases Crisis Management Solution to Handle Critical Events

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, March 29, 2019

Everbridge, a Burlington, MA-based software company that provides SaaS-based critical communications and enterprise safety solutions, launches its crisis management solution. The solution will help companies to manage the life cycle of the critical events and accelerate response, and recovery times in real-time.

Crisis management solution is fully integrated with Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) suite, allowing companies to have a single platform for response, tasks, activities, resources through a common operating picture and a mobile application. The solution will help various teams like Crisis, business continuity, security, and resiliency teams to launch response plans, add tasks swiftly, and collaborate with all stakeholders irrespective of their locations, helping companies to quickly restore operations, mitigate brand and financial impacts, and ensure employee safety.

In today’s cut-throat business environment, the crisis management teams face various challenges which can result in delays, missed tasks and assignments, and decreased crisis response times. These issues can ultimately have a severe impact on customer satisfaction, employee morale, brand reputation, and the supply chain. The crisis management solution of Evergreen can address all of these challenges by offering all the employees in a company with a common operating picture to operate and analyze response activities. The solution also helps companies to update and assign new tasks which help to eliminate damage and downtime. The feature of Evergreen’s Crisis Management application includes many features which are as follows:

Unified Response and Communication: Evergreen’s solution integrates all crisis response activities, teams, resources, and communication in a single event page to provide quick response in a crisis situation. 

Dynamic task Management: The crisis management task manager can turn static standing operating procedures (SOPs) into actionable tasks, which can be assigned immediately to a team or an employee in the event of unanticipated situation or scenario.

Executive View and Reporting: The crisis management solution provides a dedicated event dashboard and reporting, allowing the management teams to monitor response and recovery progress in real-time.

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