Enocean In Collaboration with OIC; Introduces Seamless,...

Enocean In Collaboration with OIC; Introduces Seamless, Interoperable Connectivity for the IoT

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

Internet of ThingsSAN RAMON, CA: Major obstacles on the path of the currently raging increasing Internet of Things is linked with the deployment of devices from multiple manufacturers with compatible communication and supporting services, at a massive scale.  To face off such challenges, the EnOcean Alliance and the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) has signed an agreement to deliver seamless, interoperable connectivity for IoT.

The joint collaboration between the most prominent wireless building controls alliances with the influential Internet of Things (IoT) organization will hence initiate a service leveraging both the technologies of EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard and the OIC specification.

The OIC platform will now offer developers the scope to market their products far more easily, as it functions horizontally, across and between different IoT vertical segments. With the help of standard OIC program, the system will have the ability to remove the various ‘island’ solutions, and then provide a common solution for smart-homes, industrial, healthcare and other areas too.

EnOcean, gets to polish up buildings’ carbon footprint, its security and comfort by the usage of energy harvesting wireless control solutions based on the EnOcean. This eco-friendly device, has the ability to work without batteries, whereas at the same time.  The self driven sensors also come to work for the IoT as it liberates data collection at places where wires and batteries give up their reach ability.

The tie-up will enhance interoperability and communication with one another, where they can build their products with the help of different vendors. With IoT infrastructure gearing up for a major growth, interoperability can no longer be limited to one particular infrastructure only.

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