Enhancing Flash Drive Networking Capabilities

Enhancing Flash Drive Networking Capabilities

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Many new updates involving AI and machine learning have transformed businesses in the networking landscape, bringing in several connectivity options. Resources for connectivity have increased. Connectivity servers have also been introduced bringing in several advantages to the industry. Using the servers, many networking companies have developed pioneering solutions to the business challenges in this arena.

Solarflare, headquartered in Irvine, California, has been a pioneer in server connectivity for neural class networks. It operates R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK, and New Delhi. Over 200 employees have been employed in the UK, U.S., and India.  Solarflare provides an all-round solution for communicative issues through an integrated set of technologies for distributed software-defined datacenters, ultra-scale. The company provides solutions for global exchange, commercial banks, and hedge fund. Many advanced technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence are leveraged in the solutions from the company where there is a low latency, robust security, with insightful telemetrics.

The company offers products including XtremeScale NICs, Standard Adapters, NIC Software Extensions, ScaleOut & DPDK. Solarflare has been involved in providing solutions for top companies at over 82 countries. All the countries’ commercial banks, major exchange, and trading institutions rely on Solarflare. Years before, Solarflare developed the first networking solutions based on TCP that runs at lightning speed of using the main memory. Tom Spencer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Solarflare says, “Ratification of this standard is a watershed for high-performance storage networking over TCP.”

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According to conventional customs, low latency network needs an extension to an Ethernet protocol. But, in combination with NVMe/TCP, Solarflare provides access to high-performance networked flash storage. Recently, Solarflare congratulated NVM Express™ for approving NVMe over TCP Transport Binding specification. This enables the broad deployment of high-performance storage solutions in the Ethernet world. The company has made flash drive networking simple and thereby, many companies ratified their support to Solarflare.

Solarflare continues to collaborate with industry leaders like Intel Corporation, Toshiba, EXTEN Technology, Inc to make the flash drive networking more simple and scalable.

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