EnGenius Launches Wi-Fi 6E access point to Offer High-Speed Internet

EnGenius Launches Wi-Fi 6E access point to Offer High-Speed Internet

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, December 17, 2021

EnGenius’s Wi-Fi 6E access point will provide breathtaking Wi-Fi connection speeds.

Fremont, CA: It is critical to have a fast internet connection. Increased access to high-speed Internet leads to significant economic growth and rapid job creation. EnGenius Technologies Inc., a global provider of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, has launched the first Wi-Fi 6E access point developed specifically for the SMB market. The ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E indoor ceiling mount tri-band access point, which uses the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform, was designed for usage in the freshly released 6 GHz spectrum.

The EnGenius Cloud ECW336 access point is the company's first foray into the 6E market. According to experts, as many as 500 million Wi-Fi 6E compatible gadgets will hit the market in the next three years, taking advantage of huge, immaculate Wi-Fi real estate. While the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands share 560 MHz of spectrum and 27 channels, the 6 GHz band alone has 1200 MHz of bandwidth and 59 channels.

The ECW336 AP, with its 6E capabilities, effortlessly handles the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of densely populated areas such as multi-family units, senior living, student housing, universities, retail, corporate offices, resorts, stadiums/arenas, and medical centers.

Wi-Fi connection speeds will be astounding for both business professionals and consumers. There is hardly any lag or buffering. There will be no more interminable download latencies. The future of unrestricted, lightning-fast Wi-Fi has arrived.

Wi-Fi 6 wireless technology's great efficiency is becoming increasingly visible in today's products, but the true potential of these qualities will now be unleashed in the enormous, uncharted 6 GHz domain. Users will now understand what true gigabit wifi speed entails.

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