EnGenius Launches Multi-Gig Networking Switches for Wi-Fi 6 Access...

EnGenius Launches Multi-Gig Networking Switches for Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, February 11, 2020

To meet the bandwidth demands for Wi-Fi 6 access points, supply maximum power for devices, and provide faster speeds, EnGenius announces multi-gig with PoE++.

FREMONT, CA: EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational networking company, and an industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology delivers feature-rich, long-range, wireless networking solutions for small and medium businesses. The company expands its Cloud solution with the launch of multi-gigabit PoE++ switching to address the needs of Wi-Fi 6 access points, which support over 1 gigabit speeds, power devices that exceed 30 watts, and appeal to upmarket customers.

The EnGenius Cloud multi-gig switches, ECS5212FP & ECS5212,  is expected to be released in 2020 and will be the first of many switches to meet the ever-increasing demand of new technology in mid to large environments like condominiums, student housing, assisted living facilities, hotels and resorts. These networking switches will provide enterprise-class features for IT professionals as in advanced management that simplifies their efforts in network configuration and monitoring by spending fewer resources.

The Cloud multi-gig switches come with eight 2.5 gigabit ports, which can automatically detect the speed needed by the end device. This will serve high-bandwidth devices like Wi-Fi 6 access points. Both the switches, ECS5212FP & ECS5212, support 120 Gbps switching capacity where ECS2512FP supports one of the latest PoE standards, 802.3bt, to meet the demands of higher powered devices including Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points, PTZ Cameras, AV controllers, lighting, and digital signage. Also, the new multi-gig switches come with four 10 Gbps SFP+ slots that extend connectivity via fiber to connect floors and buildings at extreme distances and speeds.

“Our goal has always been to help our clients to grow by offering them a reliable service,” said MC Leo, general manager at EnGenius Technologies. “The expanding capabilities of the EnGenius Cloud will make sure that we are the clients’ preferred network-management solution provider for the years to come. We are aiming to continue delivering high-quality networking solutions aiming at mid to large businesses.”

The launched switches by EnGenius use the capabilities of the subscription-free EnGenius Cloud, including real-time system metrics, deep-dive analytics, network troubleshooting, and advanced view to display network topology with the devices and relationships. Some of the key benefits include 240 Watts of the total budget for maximum power supply to PoE++ devices. As it is managed in the cloud, it decreases administration time via remote management. It utilizes port-based client authentication with dynamic VLAN and security through the RADIUS server. Also, it prioritizes compliant VoIP & video traffic while ensuring its immediate delivery.

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