Elastic Safety: The New Security for Companies against Security...

Elastic Safety: The New Security for Companies against Security Threats

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Network SecurityThe recent breach of Marriott– just after the Equifax incident– shows that traditional security approaches do not work. Why do gaps occur year after year? The reason is simple (although there's no solution). Because IT infrastructure is continuously changing, differences appear. Consider the significant changes in the computer landscape; for example, the endpoints have become closer and more mobile with the explosion of digitalization. Antivirus has been a status quo for years, but it has stopped working, which has led to the detection and response of endpoints (EDR). A second example is that the enterprise perimeter has evolved with the onset of SaaS, or more precisely the industry has given cloud access to security brokers.

The question arises what will next change in this mode of constant disruption. The answer is data centers. Data centers, unlike past, are now dispersed across a multi-cloud infrastructure. The data center is virtualized in the multi-cloud and all over the place.

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Companies need to take the security threat seriously and respond to the gaps in the security infrastructure by preparing themselves with two-pronged approaches to close the gap. Firstly, conventional security technology focuses on containment to create restrictions, bottlenecks, and scams. Data and infrastructure have been contained and controlled in discrete environments in the past because of fear of loss and compromise. With the advent of cloud architectures and the emphasis on reducing containable environments, many companies old safety toys are now outdated. Worst of all, while IT benefits from cloud computing– speed and scale– safety, on the other hand, becomes sluggish and bloated.

The second gap the companies need to aim is to keep a tight grip over the cloud infrastructure which is maturing each day. Safety only has to secure a fixed set of physical data centers in good old days. Back then companies played a game of chess that needed to protect data in an infrastructure. Now part of the support, other elements in bare metal and then other components in AWS/Azure have been virtualized, and the chess game has become three-dimensional.

In conclusion, companies need Elastic safety– an approach that accepts the constant shift in infrastructure. By adopting an elastic security approach, companies can take on the promise of cloud speed and scale without undermining protection.

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