Edgecore Networks UncoversecCLOUD - Cloud Controller for Wired and...

Edgecore Networks UncoversecCLOUD - Cloud Controller for Wired and Wireless Devices

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, August 31, 2020

Edgecore Networks has announced the launch of a new product, ecCLOUD.

FREMONT, CA: Edgecore Networks is a provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, has announced a significant addition to its product family—ecCLOUD, a comprehensive cloud controller featuring an intuitive user interface. ecCLOUD provides a centralized platform for unified visibility and control over Edgecore wired and wireless devices, saving on-site management system installations' cost and complexity.

TT Hsu, the Vice President of Edgecore Networks, has said that Edgecore'secCLOUD is a feature-rich, reliable, and scalable network management solution suited for networks of any size. With the help of ecCLOUD, deployment, management, and monitoring of single-site or multi-site networks can be significantly simplified. ecCLOUD also supports the management of a comprehensive product portfolio for service providers and organizations to enjoy the benefit of choosing from a wide array of Edgecore products for their deployments.

ecCLOUD Features

• Multi-level Management: ecCLOUD is composed of three levels – Cloud, Site, and Device. This multi-level architecture facilitates tiered administrative privileges and also bulk device management from the site level. By leveraging ecCLOUD, multi-site networks can be easily managed, and each site can have its set of configuration settings that can be applied to devices registered under the site.

• Quick Device Onboarding: Placing a device online is easy – register the device on ecCLOUD and connect the registered device to the Internet for auto-provisioning.

• Auto-generated Network Topology Diagrams: Network topology diagrams are automatically generated at the site-level to help the network administrators assess and manage deployment architectures in a better way.

• Network Security & Access Control: ecCLOUD ensures overall network security through encryption of device-to-cloud communication. Improved switch port security and AAA services for wireless users are also available.

• Customizable Captive Portal: Network administrators can quickly formulate a unique Wi-Fi login pages per SSID for brand promotion, marketing activities, or advertisements. The built-in captive portal editor offers a drag-and-drop module for adding text, links, and multimedia, allowing anyone to easily craft their login pages even without extensive knowledge in web development.

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