EdgeConneX Partners with Lume to Offer the Best in Cloud Solutions

EdgeConneX Partners with Lume to Offer the Best in Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, January 16, 2020

EdgeConneX brings the best in cloud solutions by leveraging Lume's Cloud Anyware service suite.

FREMONT, CA: EdgeConneX is a worldwide provider of data center solutions for a diverse portfolio of industries including Content, Networks, Cloud, Gaming, SaaS, Automotive, IoT, Security, HPC, and more. The company has partnered with Lume to offer the best in cloud solutions to its clients, including mid-market and enterprise businesses. Lume is a provider of Data Center, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions for companies that need help to move to the cloud or improving their cloud infrastructure. As IoT, 5G, and other new innovative applications are quite challenging traditional centralized data center models, the partnership easily solves many common cloud adoption challenges.

This partnership provides an added advantage for EdgeConneX customers to leverage Lume's Cloud Anyware service suite to deploy highly proximate dedicated private, hybrid, virtual private, and on-premise cloud solutions. This partnership distributes diverse cloud solutions locally, exactly where businesses need them, providing enhanced security while meeting business standards. Also, it enables the customers to choose the infrastructure types based on their business need that are fully integrated, managed, and supported by Lume's industry experts, including Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-Premise Cloud, and Public Cloud connectivity. It decreases latency, while helping meet the compliance requirements, and provides geographically diverse locations for colocation, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery environments.

 EdgeConneX extensive footprint of data centers allows Lume to add even more locations for deploying its Cloud Anyware solutions and enables customers to select the right data center location from the numerous options available. As companies increasingly leverage hybrid cloud deployments and applications like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, they have a pressing need to circumvent distance, capacity, and centralized processing constraints. The EdgeConneX–Lume collaboration establishes them as providers of Edge-aware Internet architecture with some big-name enterprise software companies like VMware move to upgrade Edge cloud portfolios.

The partnership benefits the customers in the following ways:     

• EdgeConneX offers a global platform ranging from hyperlocal to hyperscale data center facilities established in over 30 markets worldwide to connect Cloud Service Providers and enterprises with improved performance, latency, and reliability.

• Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions allow customers to optimize cloud services, delivering multi-cloud flexibility, and scalability. Thus it enables businesses to grow by securely interconnecting to all of the leading cloud service providers via cloud access partners.

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