DH2i is here to Reduce the Risk of Security Breaches

DH2i is here to Reduce the Risk of Security Breaches

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 05, 2019

VPN security models used previously were not designed to meet security demands but the establishment of new software to tackle all the security issues has been a great advantage.

FREMONT, CA: A provider of multi-platform software-defined perimeter and smart availability software for Linux and Windows, DH2i, has recently introduced a network security software, DxConnect, for integrated zero trust connectivity. The software enables developers and network administrators to establish an integrated zero trust connectivity security environment for cloud applications, multi-cloud connectivity, and privileged user access without the use of VPN.

In a recent report published in 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), data breaches majorly occur due to technical limitations present in computer networks. One data breach can cost an ample amount of money. The technical deficiencies or risks present in today's computer network can be detected by the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. Security approaches like virtual private networks (VPNs) were not designed according to today's data reality. The VPNs creates issues such as complex setups, slow and untrustworthy connections, limited data usage, and highly vulnerable networks.  

DxConnect launched by DH2i is designed to work with DH2i's DxOdyssey software to challenge the legacy VPN, cloud-based and privileged user access security issues. It improves network security and cloud operations, enabling developers to establish encrypted paths and isolated networks for secure cloud operations. It also provides a way for organizations to securely connect vendors to a specific cloud application without the use of a VPN created by advancements in IoT, cloud demands for better secure connectivity. So the establishment of this software was much needed to tackle security breaches.

The features and benefits of DxConnect:

Micro-Perimeters: It provides the ability to network admins and developers to create micro-perimeters to segment by application, not by network eliminating network attacks and providing fast and direct access to services and applications.

Discreet Invisibility: It eliminates the network attack surfaces making the applications and services invisible to security threats.

Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Ready: DxConnect is designed to support any host irrespective of their location, boosting the sales across cloud environments.

Smart Availability: It enables an always secure and always on application infrastructure.

Open Application Program Interface (API): This software will run on any operating system, enabling secure interconnection.

DxConnect software is here to reduce the risk of security breaches providing secure connections which the previous VPNs lack as of now.

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