Developing a Robust Cloud Security Strategy

Developing a Robust Cloud Security Strategy

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, April 29, 2019

Cloud SecurityDeployment to the cloud without a proper plan or a strategy could generate worse gaps in an organization’s defense that didn’t occur previously. Moving ahead to threat management, the success of cloud deployment relies on coordinated actions that will integrate a cloud strategy with an overall glance on cybersecurity posture.

An organization will likely require some tools and services to develop a reasonable defense-in-depth cloud-based network. In some instances, cloud service providers may not provide sufficient products that work accurately in the cloud. It occurs due to the lack of specific vendor resources for cloud security and this situation leads to occurrences of data vulnerabilities in the cloud.

There are several strategic ways by which an organization can build a robust cloud network security strategy.

Managing the traffic with a hybrid approach

Initially, use AWS and Azure for creating network security groups. However, these are not sufficient for appropriate security control when workload traffic is more. Many enterprises require robust, optimal traffic control in the cloud and a hybrid model approach to do this. This model scrutinizes the originating traffic and can route within the cloud via subnets without any vulnerabilities.

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Isolation of networks

An enterprise can build a dedicated security monitoring model by isolating networks using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on AWS or a Virtual Network (VNet) on Azure and then converging these together strategically.  It allows an enterprise to control the data flow on the cloud with more dedication and with a finite degree of observation.

Third-party Platforms

Third party platforms like AWS GuardDuty can monitor long-term behavior patterns of traffic as well as apparent attacks by encompassing the data into a central storage node.


Hybrid tools for microsegmentation are a final consideration which focuses on application behavior and affinity of the system and is likely to become an essential approach in developing a secure cloud strategy.

An enterprise can't transform its business to the cloud without a proper network security strategy. 

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