Data Privacy and Data Security are Different: Understanding the...

Data Privacy and Data Security are Different: Understanding the difference

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

The modern lifestyle is creating an information glut. Brands are fetching customer data from all possible sources to deliver a personalized experience to each of their customers. This customer-brand relationship is built on trust. Customers provide their data to the brands they trust and expect them to use this data responsibly. Hence, it’s a wake-up call for all businesses that personal information is vulnerable to cybercriminals without security.

Employee education and the right security tool are the most effective combination to ensure that the company data remains safe. Educating the staff regarding cybersecurity best practices and offering them security awareness training can help businesses against phishing and other attacks that can get away through security gateways.

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The speed and intensity at which threats are evolving are frightening. Therefore one must ensure that they adopt a robust, multi-layered email, and the best form of network security data. When it’s about safeguarding the customers’ data, prevention is always better than cure. However, if one is stuck in the trap of a breach, one must gather and analyze information concerning that breach as soon as possible. An automated incident response solution can help one efficiently find, investigate, and remediate targeted attacks as quickly as possible.

Training programs on security awareness would help employees to transform from potential data breach victims to proactively act as an added layer of defense for their business. Hence, it is a must to show the employees the latest attack techniques and prepare them to recognize subtle clues in phishing and social-engineering attacks, so that the data can be protected more effectively.

While these steps seem very common, often the resources and in-house IT expertise tend to oversee them. Getting third-party advice could help one in the long run and encourage a healthy respect for data across the organizations and also ensure effective data security in the age of data breaches. Data privacy is an ongoing challenge, and business owners must consider it every time they integrate new technology or introduce a new concept. There is just a thin line between consumers’ personal information and the world of cybercrime therefore businesses must be proactive rather than reactive.

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