Cymulate Introduces Cymulate Cyclone Platform for Security Service...

Cymulate Introduces Cymulate Cyclone Platform for Security Service Providers

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, June 11, 2021

Cymulate's new Cyclone platform enhances threat hunting and defensive capabilities to protect networks proactively and provides service providers with an additional revenue stream.

FREMONT, CA: Cymulate, the industry standard for a SaaS-based Continuous Security Validation platform that fully leverages the MITRE ATTACK® framework, introduces Cymulate Cyclone, a customizable, template-driven platform that enables security service providers to create, automate, and deliver purple teaming exercises to assist their enterprise customers in actively protecting their networks.

“The increase in the severity, scale and range of attacks over the last year has prompted a need to build better, proactive capabilities. Purple teaming is an effective methodology to improve these capabilities and optimizes the threat detection technologies that support them. Security service providers are seeing growing demand for purple team exercises but are challenged to scale due to the cyber-skills shortage,” says Eyal Wachsman, Co-founder and CEO of Cymulate. “Our Cyclone platform is a prime value-added offering with its ability to capture and automate purple teaming expertise.”

Cymulate Cyclone integrates security controls to provide findings to the defender and correlates them with attacker behaviour. The platform's extensive repository of attack resources and scenarios immediately adds value by enabling the company's security posture to be optimized. In addition, cyclones' accessibility and ease of use help more junior security penetration testing teams improve their skills, increasing productivity in overburdened departments by automating repetitive tasks. This enables highly skilled pen-testers to develop complex and unique purple team exercises and scenarios. These tasks can be automated and repurposed, allowing personnel to focus on value creation and more complex tasks.

Cymulate Cyclone enhances SOC detection, hones threat hunting skills, and streamlines incident response processes, providing security service providers with an additional revenue stream. Cyclone purple teaming automates the correlation of blue team detections to red team adversarial tactics, providing remediation and detection guidance and Sigma rules for SIEM optimization. The attack scenarios adhere to Cymulates' core platform offering and reporting, and the results can be exported to the MITRE ATTACK navigator.

Key features are:

Automatic Purple teaming: Creating and launching automated attack scenarios and correlating security-control findings to validate effectiveness.

Scale expertise: Creates reusable and easily customizable template-based assessments and automated routine and baseline assessments.

A rich repository of resources: Creates interactive attack sessions with pre-built assessment templates, executions, payloads, tools, and Sigma rules for immediate value creation.

Effectiveness: Automatically associates security control findings with attacks and generates reports mapped to MITRE ATTACK

Cymulates' SaaS-based platform simulates and tests an organization's security defenses and controls across the entire kill chain of attack vectors and APT attack scenarios, identifying security gaps and providing mitigation procedures to optimize the security posture.

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