Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities

Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, November 29, 2018

The network and security architectures of the past were designed for well-defined and static businesses. Today, there’s a growing chasm between these legacy technologies and dynamic cloud-centric businesses. Increasing workforce mobility and demand for real-time access to cloud applications and infrastructure across the devices are re-defining the network and security rules to the companies. The cloud continues with the aim of enabling real-time access to cloud applications for mobile networks, and it poses new networking and security challenges for IT professionals. The difficulty in handling threats and the need to enhance organizational defenses highlights the weakness in the underpinning legacy architectures built upon point products and dependent on hard-to-find skills.

The lack of strong security talent is driving demand, and many companies are losing out as the corporate policies affecting pay and benefits are not evolving to address these concerns quickly enough. In arecent (ISC)² report, 1,500 IT professionals have given their opinions about the of cybersecurity staff concerns and their working skills. About 63 percent of respondents mentioned that their organizations lack sufficient cybersecurity staff and a fewer than 60% percent informed that, due to this talent shortage, the companies are at moderate to extreme risk of a breach. This might quickly transform into one of the most significant security threats globally. Organizations need to fill the security gaps with automated technologies to improve the process efficiency. Patch management tools enable the automation of updates that protect IT infrastructure and end-user computers from security breaches. The more substantial network challenge is a poorly configured firewall which allows direct or indirect access to the network from unauthorized devices. Though the Wi-Fi network is not in use for a long time, there still exist active access points by which hacker can enter the networks. 

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Mobile threats are a hotspot for many businesses. Although network and mobile security are tied as the top two security risks (58 percent and 44 percent respectively), and despite the realization that close to 50 percent cannot adequately enforce corporate security policies on mobile users (48 percent), most organizations do not have comprehensive threat protection in place. There exist many tools for organizations today to safeguard network from devices running malicious codes protecting the unmanaged end-user mobile from the breach that expose passwords.

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