Cyber Security Measures for SMBs

Cyber Security Measures for SMBs

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Cybersecurity is an integral part of businesses, but at times mid-sized and small businesses overlook the same as they are under the impression that hackers target bigger organizations and not the smaller ones. This is a myth as mid-sized organizations are low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals, and most of the small businesses have been a victim of the same. The market is coming up with newer solutions for cybersecurity primarily to benefit the small to mid-sized businesses.

Often these organizations train their employees to handle the security system, which is a right approach but is prone to human errors. Shortage of resources and workers is another challenge to security as employees are assigned to handle diverse tasks diverting their focus from the core. Resource allocation and sharing concepts are compromised resulting in easier security breaches and network congestion. Lack of funds and investments is understood, but businesses can't put security in compromising places for the same and organizations need to look for feasible security options.

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Mid-sized organizations can leverage security services from external expertise which have abundant resources and deliver them at feasible rates.  Security service providers always keep their resources and software updated to combat the latest threats and organizations must join hands with such kind of providers only. ISPs also provide an extra layer of security in their services and businesses must look for those ISPs which regularly update their security patches and layers.

Cloud hosting solutions can be highly effective as they provide on-premise security. It also has a security layer, much advance and continuously monitored by experts. Small businesses can optimize managed print services to enjoy enterprise-class security solution at much lower rates, moreover combining intelligent analytics devices yields better security.

Apart from external expertise and cloud solutions businesses also need to restrict their security system access to minimal as this will impede unauthorized access and in case of a disruption it becomes easier to identify the breach point. Ultimately, continuous monitoring, regular update in technology, and embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning would allow organizations to combat the cyber threats in real-time and diminish them to least.

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