Crypto-agility: Key Component for a Secure Future

Crypto-agility: Key Component for a Secure Future

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Effective cybersecurity brings down the risk of cyber attacks. Since hackers try to find new ways of accessing, changing or deleting sensitive information and extortion, users must be aware of cyber threats and comply with the basic principles of Cyber Security.

Cybersecurity awareness is one of the main strategies for data protection. Many organizations are currently developing programs to fight cyber threats. This not only helps them to become qualified and future-proofed but also be as close to demanding and highly paid jobs as possible.

GDPR helps to address various issues in data protection directives, such as informing consumers whenever data breaches occur, strengthening data minimization rules, and updating IT procedure requirements

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Many cybersecurity experts worry that because of the U.S-China trade war, the cyber espionage will weaken which will hit the world economies too. More targeted security attacks will take place on mobile devices, smart home devices, and even at workplaces. At the same time, some countries are developing offensive cyber capabilities. Cyber attackers will take benefit from known vulnerabilities and take advantage of the organizations that have failed to address it.

A combined study by the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge predicts that fraudsters are today making use of Artificial Intelligence to hack drones and autonomous vehicles to convert them as potential weapons. With the help of latest AI-powered malware, hackers infect the systems in the organizations and collect the sensitive information of a company and its employees. The impact of these attacks is getting worse than ever, and such threats must be addressed by organizations using no better option than technology.

The year 2019 is anticipated as the year of 5G, the adaption of the network, and devices might be slow but will grow rapidly. More 5G-enabled IoT devices will connect directly to the 5G network instead of using a Wi-Fi router. But, this trend will make these devices more vulnerable to a direct attack. The cloud security channel programs will play a new role as security measures in 2019. Companies would be secure as they move their workloads into the cloud. With such technologies in place, companies could be less affected by cyber attacks.


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