Credo Enhances Capabilities by Building 800G HiWire Active...

Credo Enhances Capabilities by Building 800G HiWire Active Electrical Cables

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Summary: Credo’s new AECs use half the power of optical cabling solutions and have a longer Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of up to 100 million hours.

FREMONT, CA:“Credo sees 800G as the point where passive Direct Attached Cables (DACs) hit the wall—they are far too thick and rigid for many customer applications and impose a high cost and engineering burden on switch manufacturers,” notes Don Barnetson, Vice President of Product at Credo. To further its offering and enhance capabilities, Credo, a global leader in high-performance, low-power connectivity solutions for 100G, 400G, and 800G port-enabled networks, has fabricated a new 800G HiWire LP CLOS Active Electrical Cable (AEC) built for hyperscale infrastructure’s distributed, disaggregated chassis (DDCs). Credo’s 800G AEC series begins with this 8 × 112G per lane copper cable connector.

AECs offer superior signal integrity and break through the physical weight, bend radius, and range limitations of passive copper DACs at 400G and above. Active Optical Cables’ (AOCs) power and economic restrictions are also reduced by AECs. The hot-swappable front-plane connections enable a data center infrastructure transition to DDC implementations from homogeneous chassis designs with closely connected operating systems. DDC architectures let one mix and match servers, switches, and operating systems to meet the exact performance, power, and cost requirements.

800G AECs are roughly the same thickness as typical Cat6e cabling at 32AWG. When compared to passive copper DACs, this narrower gauge saves cabling volume by up to 75 percent. LP CLOS AECs come in lengths of up to 2.5m. Credo’s new AECs use half the power of optical cabling solutions and have a longer MTBF of up to 100 million hours. “Credo’s new 800G LP CLOS AECs route like Cat6 cables and offer up to 100 times better reliability and half the power of optical cabling solutions. The future of connectivity is clearly purple,” adds Barnetson

The QSFP-DD800 (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Source Agreement Group) and OSFP (Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable) versions of LP CLOS AEC 800 PAM4 cables are available. The cable’s included Credo retimers allow it to achieve great performance without the use of external components, simplifying the design and minimizing system cost and power consumption.

The new 800G AECs have the same distinctive HiWire purple color sheath as the rest of the Credo AECs. The LP CLOS AEC 800 is currently being sampled by Credo, with general availability set for early 2022.

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