Content Delivery Networks for Customer Retention

Content Delivery Networks for Customer Retention

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, May 30, 2019

Content Delivery NetworkFREMONT, CA: The goal of any startup is to expand globally, branch out into multiple franchises, or start a digital distribution of products and services across the world. This goal needs impeccable planning, stocking, accountancy, vision, marketing, and publicity. A significant driver for gaining popularity for any brand is by creating a substantial website. The website should be designed to handle international traffic while offering crisp content and engaging themes. The fast world that is nowadays, customer retention can only be maintained with a fast website. The website which loads quicker keeps the customer interested and grabs notification. That is why the Content Delivery Network (CDN) should be given more attention.

The assumption of websites loading quicker at the headquarters and the branch office in another country is a false assumption. The loading rate of the website varies from headquarters and shop at the opposite end of the world. The physical distance has a significant impact on the load speed of the site as content ahs are to be fetched from multiple hops and servers from one corner to the other corner of the world and these few milliseconds of delay can add up for an overall slower browsing experience, meaning a customer is lost right then and there.

How do CDNs work?

The process includes copies of the company’s data across multiple services, especially in prominent internet usage countries, to exhibit a closer link to the local servers. This summarizes to a file loading on an average of 200 miles away rather than loading from a server that is 2000 miles away, saving valuable time. These seconds add up for overall seamless experiences.

 Setting up a CDN for a Website:

•  The company can set up a website using CDN.
•  All the existing heavy data owned by the company, particularly images, video, style, sheets, and java scripts are transferred on to the CDN
•  As the storage media changes, these changes are passed on, the copies on the CDN
•  Some research needs to be carried out to find a good CDN deal and proceed from there and initiate. Pricing is based on a bandwidth-usage basis.

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