Communication Technology Infrastructure that Delivers Secure...

Communication Technology Infrastructure that Delivers Secure Wireless Network capabilities to Smart Cities

Kevin Aycock, Founder and CEO, InfraSite | Monday, August 05, 2019

Kevin Aycock, Founder and CEO, InfraSite

The key to the rapid development of urban spaces is connectivity. A new-age connectivity solution, an underground box, has the potential to create reliable network linkages.  

FREMONT, CA: InfraSite, the provider of new-age telecom infrastructure, has unveiled its patented product, an underground box of equipment that provides wireless network connectivity solutions. With 5G technology advancement, telecommunication companies are looking forward to securing real estate and network infrastructure. InfraSite's new invention enables better use of real estate and enhanced deployment of 5G as well as 4G LTE networks.  

The product is a perfect solution for carriers, as well as governing agencies, who are looking for network solutions to cater to new technologies as well as new demands from the general public. The cities are gearing up for smart makeovers, and the most fundamental part of this transformation is connectivity. These days every activity, and every service is backed by technology. This makes a stable network connection a pre-requisite for any developmental work. The underground box is bound to create an excellent 5G experience.

The box is fire and flood-proof. The other advantages of the box are that being underground, it saves a lot of real estates and ends the need for unsightly telecom towers. Cities can aspire to become more aesthetic as well as functional with these underground boxes bridging the connectivity gaps for 5G and 4G LTE. The company essentially gives municipalities and telecom providers a chance to work together towards mutual goals of excellent connectivity and smart cities.

The box can minimize the limitations of space. Providers can grow their network and thereby, boost signal density and coverage. The network also becomes highly reliable and cost-efficient at the same time. There are fewer chances of vandalism. The accessibility for maintenance and monitoring also improves.

InfraSite has been providing network infrastructure solutions with cutting edge technology for three decades now. With an innovative approach, it is assisting the growth and deployment of the latest wireless technologies. Its expertise and experience have helped them deliver valuable services.

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