Cold Computing can be a game changer in the world of computing

Cold Computing can be a game changer in the world of computing

Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cold computing is all about decreasing the operating temperature of a computing system to increase its operational efficiency, energy efficiency or density. The significant impact of this process occurs when computing systems are running at a low temperature. The traditional processor and memory based data centers operate at temperatures above room temperatures, but today hardware manufacturers are looking for new ways to keep their chips running in cryogenic temperatures.

The need for denser and energy efficient will result in developments in conventional semiconductors to superconductors and quantum mechanics. Cold computing could expand computing capacity, making superconducting and quantum computing the future of supercomputers and high-performance computing. Researchers optimizing the cold computing system are looking for the possibilities for power saving regardless of the expense needed for cooling systems to maintain temperature and remove heat than a conventional air-cooled system.

Since quantum processors have to function at cryogenic temperature, researchers are currently working to build memory systems as part of their effort to build a quantum computer that can communicate efficiently at lower temperatures.

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There are certain challenges needed to be overcome to make cold computing ready for the businesses. Getting circuits to perform at these temperatures is one among them. It requires more engineering work to make it practical. Also, analog and mixed-signal parts of circuits may require to be redesigned in order to operate at cryogenic temperatures. These challenges need additional breakthroughs to prove its potential and soon this technology's use will be evident and growing.

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