Coastline Church Integrates Tellabs Services by Leveraging FlexAir...

Coastline Church Integrates Tellabs Services by Leveraging FlexAir s Optical LAN6

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Through high-density connectivity, ultra-reliable networking, and accelerating technology advancements, Tellabs FlexAir Wi-Fi helps Coastline Church overcome modern wireless challenges.

FREMONT, CA: "The Tellabs FlexAir solution has kept pace with our all-at-once and have-to-have network performance demands," said Josh McCaskill, Coastline Church Executive Director. "With the Tellabs FlexAir system in place, the potential is very great. We are so thankful that Tellabs came to us and worked through our needs. It's been an amazing opportunity for us."

One of the leading providers of Passive Optical Network (PON) solutions, Tellabs, integrates Tellabs FlexAirTM with a Passive Optical Local Area Network at Coastline Church.

Over more than three decades, Tellabs has supplied carrier-class access solutions to network operators. With its enterprise networking software, the company is set to redefine the future of building and campus networking.

Hybrid events from Coastline Church provide an immersive digital experience for online and in-person attendees. An enterprise-grade wireless network solution combining Tellabs FlexAir with cloud-based intelligent management and passive optical LAN simplifies and unifies network management. Coastline Church mainly benefits from better user experience over wireless and wired networks with Tellabs FlexAir attributed to connectivity, reliability, and technology improvements. Tellabs contributes to greater density for multiple connections. They provide a highly reliable network service while reducing outages and trouble tickets. Through its quality offerings, Tellabs offers users greater facilitation to stay ahead of emerging technologies through uninterrupted communication capabilities.

"We are very pleased to see this Coastline Church design using the Tellabs FlexAir access points, intelligent cloud-based controller, and Passive Optical LAN can be cost-effective, yet highly scalable for mixed-use property," said Rich Schroder, Tellabs President and CEO.

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