Citrix Introduces CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition

Citrix Introduces CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

SANTA CLARA, CA: Citrix, known for their cloud, networking and virtualization technologies announces the CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition that reduces the cost of delivering applications, documents and IT services.

CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution provides businesses with the flexibility to employ multiple cost-effective WAN technologies, offering the ability to scale WAN bandwidth at dramatically lower cost than traditional approaches. It also delivers a better user experience by securely sending mission-critical, delay-sensitive data.

Extending the CloudBridge platform and its integration with the company’s HDX and application acceleration technologies, the solution offers the most cost effective and highest performance solutions for securely delivering mobile workspaces with the applications, documents and IT services people need to work better in remote and branch offices.

Enterprises are constantly sharing business-critical information with employees, customers and partners through applications that are bandwidth-intensive inorder to meet the needs of evolving workplace. Increased usage of VOIP, HD video streaming and Interactive graphics-laden applications drain network capacity. While, Scaling WAN bandwidth is expensive for enterprises, as they have traditionally relied on costly MPLS services to avoid disruption to business and maintain the usability of mission critical applications. To address this challenge, the new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution allows enterprises to create a virtualized WAN by bonding multiple network services such as MPLS, broadband, mobile and satellite internet together to maximize WAN capacity and reliability.

Some of the additional benefits of new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution include low costs for expanded capacity, superior user experience through improved quality for all application types, availability of high-priority applications, easily manage and monitor WAN performance.

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