Can The Magic In Sci-Fi Movies Be Implemented in Reality?

Can The Magic In Sci-Fi Movies Be Implemented in Reality?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Usually, concepts like virtual people and virtual immortality can be seen in sci-fi movies. Can it be possible in real life as well?

FREMONT, CA: Innovations with Virtual Reality (VR) can never cease to amaze us. An interesting observation made at the recent Qualcomm wireless event in San Diego is that 5G will make realistic augmented reality (AR) avatars possible. This advance is possible because with very low latency and high bandwidth, processing can be shifted from device to the cloud.

Combined with the rollout of distributed data centers for keeping latency down, people can have realistic virtual friends and pets or even go to remote locations virtually. It can be assumed that using VR can make people feel like avatars.

This also creates an interesting way to immortality by upgrading the capability of developing digital clones of people and pets. The first human clone has already been created, and it has opened doors to many surprising future possibilities.

However, there are three cons to creating a realistic AR experience.

1. Content: Creating content is easy for inanimate objects like furniture, with a 3D scanner and existing technology.

However, to have a virtual pet that behaves like one or a virtual human being that acts like a human needs coding of personalities, which has not been possible until now.

2. Optics: Developers must render a new picture while realistically obstructing conflicting reality for making images appear realistic.

Right now, AR glasses offer this experience where reality bleeds through, and the rendered picture appears like a cartoon ghost.

3. Computing Power: The power requirement can challenge the workstation. Walking along with a backpack workstation along with double holstered batteries will get old quickly and might not provide needed performance in the future.

Transferring the processing to the cloud enables unlimited headroom without any requirement of carrying workstations on the bodies. Besides, the additional processing power can create an AI algorithm that can imitate an animal or a human.Top Wireless Technology Companies

Virtual People, Virtual Pets

One of the problems for the folks who are just entering the workplace or who possess a job is that schedules make it unrealistic to have the companionship of a pet. Most companies don’t allow any pets in the office, so having a real pet can limit the ability to change jobs and advance.

However, it is incredible to think of a pet that only the owner can see. If linked to an AI, the pet can guide its owner to locations like GPS solution, converse smarter than a digital assistant, and more. Thus, it can address the individual’s need for companionship.

Similar to virtual pets, a virtual human companion can be crafted after a real person and can be modified.

These innovations are just a reminder that the world is going to change in the upcoming years to such an extent that magic will also seem real.

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