Can SD-WAN Take the Shape of Secure Access Service Edge?

Can SD-WAN Take the Shape of Secure Access Service Edge?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, October 31, 2019

With the developing digital business and edge computing needs, organizations will no more be primarily accessing their apps and services from within the data center.

FREMONT, CA: SASE stands for a secure access service edge, and it is the next big thing in the enterprise networking industry. The technology category meets the WAN edge and network security into a cloud-based, as-a-service delivery form. As per Gartner, the union is steered by customer demands for scalability, flexibility, simplicity, low latency, and persistent security.

A SASE implementation needs a wide-ranging technology range that a few vendors deliver currently. The technology is still developing, with less than 1 percent of adoption. A handful of existing SD-WAN providers might be seen battling in the emerging SASE market. On the other hand, there will be other SD-WAN vendors coming on to this wagon, and the industry might witness a massive wave of startups coming. The approach is unproductive for organizations, which are likely to shift or have already shifted to cloud services.

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To meet the current needs of the mobile workforce, an architectural alteration of the traditional data center-centric networking and security is in progress. It is predicted that the adoption of SASE might take over a dominating place in the next five to ten years, by picturing the existing network and security models as outdated.

Security is an essential element in the network that is satisfied by SASE. If it is built correctly, the organization can hold up the introduction of new apps and services while the security implications are still under process. As an alternative, companies can also be as aggressive as they desire and should realize that the environment is protected. Speed is considered to be the new currency of business, and SASE allows the companies to move faster.

Apart from being cloud-native, SASE is identity-driven rather than location-driven. Identity is given to every person, application, service, or device within a company. The blend of networking and security enables the identity to follow a person or device at places they need access and make the experience flawless for them. The foundational abilities of SASE include multifactor authentication and admission to applications and services handled by firewall policies. As a result, users can operate the authorized applications by not even entering the worldwide network. SASE can additionally detect sensitive data and not allow it to leave the system by implementing specific data loss prevention regulations.

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