Can Public Sector Enterprises Adopting 5G Ensure Public Safety?

Can Public Sector Enterprises Adopting 5G Ensure Public Safety?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 17, 2020

The significance of 5G will push life-saving developments and fundamentally change people's mindset about doing such things by making them reconsider.

FREMONT, CA: Investment in communications surrounding public safety is considered a balancing act. Society needs to prepare the people not only to cope with emergencies but also to take steps necessary to prevent them. Efforts in both cases include strategic planning, situational awareness and proper use of the available resources.

Because wireless network services tend to be a line item on a budget, communications play a crucial role in many strategies for public safety. The next-gen technology will help make their communities healthier, as well as smarter, at the local, state, and federal level, with 5 G around it.

A fire-fighter who selflessly barges into a burning home to save lives, or a paramedic who performs a crucial action inside an ambulance, can have no alternative. But the infinite potential 5 G technology can help these brave men and women achieve their work in the most effective way possible.

Using 5 G speed and low latency, IoT sensors can enable data collection and sharing in near-real-time, creating an environment where teams can act on crucial information. An ambulance can provide any waiting team of doctors with diagnoses before the patient reaches the hospital. A squadron car will send the warning to the head office via a video or radio call, signalling a backup team's requirement. IoT-driven drones can also play a vital role in searching and distributing the picture from the site of the incident and helping organizations streamline their search with rescue missions and drops in aerial aid.

Currently, the connected devices allow improvement of public safety, sustainability, and quality of life in every domain. The positive one can do with the rapid growth of 5 G, is even more. 5 G is doing some valuable work when it comes to details about public safety. It helps make sure of today's most promising technologies more viable.

It also allows the first responders to reproduce emergency events using computer vision and AR training tools, which are difficult to recreate otherwise. Also, 5 G with the help of intelligent video and AI-assisted analysis can increase environmental awareness. Its ability to leverage more and more cameras to focus on vital data in near-real-time holds the potential to change the public safety equipment extensively, from searching for lost children to postponing the lawbreakers.

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