Can Enterprises Keep up with the Changing Network Monitoring...

Can Enterprises Keep up with the Changing Network Monitoring Technology?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, January 13, 2020

Possibly, the biggest mistake that the organizations make is when they choose a network monitoring tool that cannot correctly be scaled to the future needs of the company, as well as its evolving network requirements.

FREMONT, CA: Monitoring is crucial for maintaining network performance, health, and security, in general. With both the networks and network management goals progress, it is being challenged to locate and implement a monitoring technology that covers every essential base.

The network controls the entire business from an angle because when it goes down, it takes the business productivity and revenues down along with it. It is crucial to have a network monitoring tool for end-to-end transparency, as well as management of the complete network. Stable, dependable monitoring helps the IT and other managers in understanding how well the system is carrying out critical applications and business goals.

A network monitoring tool needs to be flexible and customizable to satisfy the requirements of the specific types of end-users. IT organizations should figure out the essential features within the custom dashboards, analytics, and reports. The tool also needs to have the ability to cover the whole IT network ecosystem, including storage, servers, and network devices, in physical, as well as virtual forms. With the growth of the company, the tool should simultaneously offer easy, unlimited scalability and extensibility for the complete network.

Coverage plays a vital role in a network monitoring tool. Breakpoints in transparency can give rise to significant issues in the management of the enterprise. Besides, scalability is also critical, which helps the tool keep up with the growing requirements. To let the monitoring technology interact seamlessly with the already present management and reporting tools, it is essential to have complete interoperability.

The latest multidimensional IT infrastructure makes it necessary to consider network monitoring tools as a part of the bigger ecosystem. Effective network monitoring solutions provide an integrated blend of tools, which are not only tailors to the needs of the organization but also work in concert to deal with the infrastructure.

The revolutionary network monitoring tools can extract insights from numerous data sources such as wire, flow, infrastructure, and user. However, network dashboards should not be viewed as a one-size-fits-all solution. It is significant to support every IT stakeholder with a dashboard that puts forward the data required to support job-related responsibilities.

To grow in the market, companies need to understand that with a network monitoring solution that is incompetent of keeping pace, it can be prone to network connectivity issues, cyber threats, and downtime.

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