Can AI and Machine Learning Bring Better Telecom Companies?

Can AI and Machine Learning Bring Better Telecom Companies?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, August 24, 2020

With the ubiquitous influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), people will soon be pushed to discover any industry that is not capitalizing on the advantages they can provide.

FREMONT, CA Telecommunications is considered one of the fastest-growing industries as well as the ones that use AI and ML in many aspects of their businesses, starting from improving the customer experience to predictive maintenance along with improving network dependency. Many large telecoms in the world depend on AI and ML, in several ways. 

Customer Satisfaction:

Almost every telecom utilizes AI and ML to enhance its customer service majorly by using virtual assistants and chatbots. Telecoms receive a vast number of support requests for installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Virtual assistants help in automating, as well as scaling responses to the support requests, which can dramatically narrow down the business expenses and enhance customer satisfaction. 

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Chatbots, on the other hand, can analyze the requests, escalate customer queries if needed, identify sales opportunities, and handle the lot without any human involvement. AI can assist the telecoms in recognizing and reverting to the problems, as well as suggest the right service as per the analyzed customer data. It can additionally help companies to make better-personalized services according to the historical info of the customer.

Enhancing Network Optimization:

AI-enabled predictive maintenance is vital, albeit more behind-the-scenes utilization of AI and ML that also increases customer satisfaction. With the help of the data-driven insights, companies can monitor machines, learn from historical info, foresee equipment failure, and proactively fix it. Furthermore, AI assists network optimization, giving a Self Organizing Network (SON) that can help the networks to adapt and reconfigure as per the current requirements continually. AI-enabled networks can self-analyze and self-optimize, which leads to more efficiency at offering consistent services.

Fraud Recognition:

ML algorithms are constructive when it comes to detecting fraudulent activities such as theft or fake profiles, illegal access, and many more. The algorithms find out what normal activities look like so that they can identify the anomalies from vast heaps of data sets much quicker than any human analysts, in real-time.

Better Business Decisions:

By leveraging AI and ML, telecoms can extort valuable business insights from enormous data that can help then in making faster and better business decisions. The crunch of data by AI helps with customer segmentation, customer churn prevention, predicting the lifetime value of a customer, product development, price optimization, and more

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